Anti powdery mildew solution


A solution based on baking soda and neem oil is an effective treatment for preventing and treating powdery mildew.

Formula: 630715 Difficulty level: beginner Shelf life: 7 days

The solution based on baking soda and neem oil is an effective treatment in the prevention and treatment of powdery mildew.


Baking soda 1 gr
Neem oil 1 gr
Liquid soap base 2 gr
Warm drinking water 250 ml


Add the soap base, neem oil and bicarbonate to the chosen container. Mix thoroughly. Add the water, and stir until the solution is as homogeneous as possible.

Recommended container: Optima bottle or 250 ml bottle with trigger pump


Shake the solution thoroughly before use. It is an effective treatment for the prevention and treatment of powdery mildew. It needs to be applied weekly, but is well worth the time and effort. Baking soda disrupts fungal spores, preventing them from germinating. Soap helps the solution adhere to plant leaves and neem oil is a recognised and valued insecticide in organic gardening.


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  • Ileana

    Ileana 05/31/2022

    Buna ziua,

    O intrebare, va rog: solutia aceasta se poate pastra mai mult timp sau trebuie facuta in cantitatea ce se consuma la o singura stropire?

    Multumesc mult.

    Cu drag si multa apreciere,
    • ELLEMENTAL logo comments

      ELLEMENTAL 06/06/2022

      Bună ziua, Ileana! Recomandăm să preparați doar cantitatea pe care o folosiți în timp de cel mult o săptămână. Toate cele bune!
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