Poppy and pollen soap


A delicious, gently exfoliating soap enriched with nourishing pollen flavoured with the scent of ripe apricots.

Formula: 86579 Difficulty level: beginner Shelf life: min 6 months

Phase Ingredients Total 90 gr
A M&P white soap base 82 gr
A Poppy seeds 3 gr
A Poliflor pollen 2,5 gr
A Apricot flavouring extract 2,5 gr (80 drop)

Melt the soap base in a water bath, cut into cubes of about 1cm, in a heat-resistant container, which can be a Berzelius glass or a stainless steel cup/bowl.

After melting add the pollen and stir slowly until it dissolves a little. Remove the container from the water bath and stir in the apricot extract.

Add the poppy and stir, waiting a little until it begins to solidify, then pour into the mould. Leave the soapy mould on a flat surface. After approx. 4 hours remove and leave to dry until the next day in as dry an environment as possible. After 24 hours of preparation, the soap can be used.

If the environment in which the soap is stored has higher humidity, dew and a gelatinous layer may appear on the surface. This is normal for natural melt & pour soaps.
To avoid this phenomenon, it is advisable to wrap the soap in cling film or to store it in an airtight container.

A delicious, mildly exfoliating soap enriched with nourishing pollen, flavoured with the scent of ripe apricots.

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4 Opinions
  • Corina R.

    Corina R. 09/20/2021

    Buna seara!
    Se poate combina baza de sapun din ulei de masline (reteta sapun castile) in raport de 1:1 cu baza de sapun M&P cand ambele sunt in faza lichida?
    • ELLEMENTAL logo comments

      ELLEMENTAL 09/22/2021

      Bună ziua! Interesantă idee, nu am făcut practic așa ceva, încercați eventual pe o cantitate mică de test.
  • Mihaela I.

    Mihaela I. 08/03/2021

    Buna seara,
    Pot folosi extract de galbenele, in locul extractului de caise?in ce cantitate!
    • ELLEMENTAL logo comments

      ELLEMENTAL 08/04/2021

      Bună ziua! Puteți adăuga extract de gălbenele, cel mult 0,3 gr, și puteți elimina extractul aromatic de caise, caz în care săpunul nu va mai fi parfumat.
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