Masks, Facial exfoliators

Blooming Beauty Rose Gel Mask

6 6957
This super hydrating rose water based gel mask is rich in rejuvenating ingredients, will give your complexion a youth...
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Soap-free Foaming Exfoliating Bar

5 2763
Soap-free, gentle foaming bar enriched with white clay and oat oil, it cleans without drying out the skin.
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Anti-blemish Purifying Paste

6 2816
With purifying and spot-drying active ingredients, it will help cleanse and clear your skin.
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Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Packed with detoxifying, purifying and regenerating ingredients, your skin is effectively cleansed and soothed.
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Repairing, soothing mask

17 2252
Cream mask suitable for dry, damaged, sensitive skin. Removes impurities, moisturises and helps restore the skin...
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Invigorating anti-aging mask

9 2432
Cream mask suitable for mature, dull, couperose, tired skin. Removes impurities, moisturizes, reduces skin problems,...
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Sheet mask Clear skin

6 2144
Lotion with purifying properties, balancing sebum secretion, normalising the function of the natural barrier,...
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Sheet mask Sooth & hydrate

10 2131
Intensely moisturising, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and soothing lotion for supple, velvety, smoother-looking skin.
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Glycolic 10 peeling solution

19 2511
A peeling solution that deeply exfoliates the skin, stimulates regeneration, works to reduce the appearance of fine...
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Ser Glycolic 7

16 2870
Serum exfoliating treatment that stimulates the removal of dead skin cells, promotes collagen production, smoothes...
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Purifying, repairing mask

10 2087
Cream mask for removing excess sebum and impurities, strengthening the skin's protective barrier, repairing,...
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Ashwagandha & Carote regenerating and antioxidant mask

2 1661
The mask is formulated with ingredients that help fight the signs of skin ageing, tone and revitalise the complexion....
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`New skin` Ayurvedic mask

6 1697
The mask formulated with Ayurvedic powders, Manjishta and Ashwagandha, improves skin tone, helps reduce skin...
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Exfoliating oil-gel

30 1958
An interestingly textured product that turns into an emulsion when in contact with water and thus rinses easily off...
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Minute mask with activated charcoal

6 1485
The mask made of activated charcoal and soap nut powder has purifying properties, deep cleanses the skin and frees it...
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Charcoal & Kaolin Face Mask

33 1866
A face mask with purifying properties that deeply cleanses the skin and frees it from residue and accumulated sebum....
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Cleansing powder for the complexion

21 1796
A cleanser that is quick to prepare, requires no experience - and no preservative.
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Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream

37 2021
An exfoliating cream suitable for mildly dry, normal or combination skin with dry areas. It also contains a cleansing...
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Effervescent, vitaminising mask

10 1299
Contains vitamins and enzymes from acerola and pineapple, it is suitable for all skin types.
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Moroccan mask

5 1434
Based on ingredients with origins in Morocco: ghassoul, argan oil, cistus essential oil. It is suitable for all skin...
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Anti-acne exfoliating serum, AHA & BHA

274 1880
A serum based on alpha and beta organic acids, suitable for acne-prone, acne-prone, comedone skin.
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Vitaminising mask A-C-E

29 1544
A mask rich in vitamins and ingredients that benefit all skin types: vitamin A, C and E, aloe vera gel, pomegranate...
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Mask + Exfoliating powder, regenerating, anti-aging

36 1320
A powder mixture that can be customised on application with various ingredients to create a 2-in-1 scrub mask to suit...
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Beauty scrub Rose & Ylang

39 1481
A 2-in-1 gel, mask and scrub that emulsifies on contact with water and thus rinses easily off the skin, leaving the...
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Pineapple & Fruit Acids Peeling Gel

32 1437
An enzymatic peeling gel (bromelain from pineapple powder) and natural chemical peel (fruit acids) for a clean,...
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Rejuvenating Gel with AHA Fruit Acids

99 1848
A gel mask that can be used for rejuvenation or peeling for a clean, smooth, radiant and rejuvenated complexion. It...
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Cleansing and exfoliating mask with Reetha, combination/oily skin

17 1266
A 2-in-1 mask that cleanses and purifies skin without over-drying and gently exfoliates.
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Spirulina & Pineapple Detox Mask

23 946
A cleansing mask suitable for all skin types, especially combination/oily skin with impurities.
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Clean & Rejuvenate Mask with Jujube and Vitamin C

26 1216
A mask rich in minerals and antioxidants that benefits all skin types, especially oily, blemished, oily skin.
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Ayurvedic anti-aging mask

52 1313
A mask rich in substances that bring anti-aging, rejuvenating and cell renewal benefits, suitable for all skin types.
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Purifying mask for acneic skin

47 1334
A mask rich in minerals and purifying ingredients, it benefits oily, acne-prone skin.
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