Face creams

Daily Refreshing Face Lotion

4 1991
Natural fluid moisturizer designed to protect skin from dehydration.
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Minimalist Moisturising Face Cream

6 2710
Are you using multiple products, powerful serums, toners, boosters in your routine? Here's a minimalist moisturizer...
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Vitamin C Fluid Moisturizer

Choose this stable Vitamin C formulation to help protect the skin from stressors such as air pollution and uv...
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Anti-spot cream, mature or dry skin

6 4953
This high-performance anti-spot and lightening cream combines two powerful actives that work together with hydrating...
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Cushiony Waterless Anti-aging Moisturizer

13 3732
Lavish waterless moisturizing cream enriched with antioxidants and emollients that leaves your skin nourished,...
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Skin refining cream

16 2931
A light-textured moisturising cream suitable for combination or oily skin. Regulates sebum secretion, has...
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Acai silky cream

17 2813
Day moisturiser that combats signs of ageing, maintains optimal hydration levels, helps restore the skin's natural...
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Bakuchiol Day Cream

32 3679
A light and pleasant to apply day cream suitable for slightly dry, normal or combination, mature skin. It is rich in...
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Progressive self-tanning milk

19 2544
A very light-textured, non-sticky, non-greasy fluid emulsion that spreads very well over the skin to ensure an even...
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Azelain 10 Professional Cream

15 2894
Easy-to-prepare recipe consisting of a professional cream base enriched with azelaic acid and an active antimicrobial...
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Salicylic + Azelaic Cream

19 3009
Modern formula combining the benefits of salicylic acid, azelaic acid, armouraria oil and chamomile essential oil for...
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Azelain 10 Multifunction Cream

16 3002
A complex, truly multi-functional formula that combines the benefits of azelaic acid with the properties of plant...
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Calm & Recover Fluid Cream

36 2125
Formulated with a professional cream base, it is a very light-textured emulsion with a subtle fragrance, suitable for...
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Clear Skin Cream with Arbutin

50 2691
For a clearer and more radiant complexion! A cream with a very smooth and pleasant texture, suitable for all skin...
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Pure & Simple Moisturising Lotion

16 2334
Light and smooth, with a simple but optimal formula for daily skin moisturising. It is a fluid emulsion that can be...
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Oligo Dermo-filler Moisturising Cream

28 2878
With its modern formula and superior sensory profile, it is a cream suitable for moisturising and caring for normal,...
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Lift & fill cream

39 3030
A light-textured day cream suitable for slightly dry, normal or combination skin. Contains ingredients that protect...
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Urban daily cream

28 2580
Formulated with ingredients that protect against the damaging effects of environmental factors, balance the skin's...
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Problem-skin moisturising fluid cream

29 2566
Formulated with three multi-functional ingredients that provide antimicrobial efficacy, anti-acne action and...
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Restore Moisturising Fluid

17 2160
A fluid cream suitable for all skin types with dehydrated skin. Contains ingredients that work to restore optimal...
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Anti-wrinkle cream for combination mature skin

45 2585
Light and pleasant to apply, formulated with moisturising, regenerating and anti-ageing ingredients.
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Anti-aging cream with peptides and ceramides

141 3557
A light-textured cream, particularly rich in ingredients that combat the signs of skin ageing. Suitable for normal,...
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Moisturising summer fluid-cream

34 2045
A light fluid-cream with a very pleasant, light texture, generally suitable for all skin types. With a not very heavy...
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Day cream for combination/oily, problematic skin

80 2895
A day cream dedicated to the care of combination or oily skin with rosacea, couperose or acneic tendencies. It has a...
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Anti-aging cream for combination/oily, sensitive skin

88 2294
A lightweight day cream with soothing, anti-irritating, regenerating and anti-ageing ingredients, suitable for...
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Comfort+ cream for combination/oily skin

115 1983
Pleasant to wear but at the same time rich in active ingredients, it is a day cream with moisturizing, anti-aging,...
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Comfort+ Cream for dry/normal skin

57 1836
Particularly pleasant to the senses but rich in active ingredients, it is a day cream that provides the skin with...
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Light cream, Argan & Royal jelly

49 1724
A very pleasant and light textured cream suitable for normal, combination and oily skin, containing anti-aging,...
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Universal moisturising cream

59 2487
Formula combines moisturising, repairing and emollient ingredients. With its light texture, it is suitable for...
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Anti-wrinkle, correcting cream

189 3113
For the alleviation of sun spots, age spots or post-inflammatory spots (scars, acne). Formula aims to even out skin...
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Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Hyaluron, Dermo-filler, Pomegranate

A cream formulated to maintain the skin's optimal moisture level, diminish the signs of skin ageing and smooth fine...
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Anti-ageing & Antiox Cream

A light-textured day cream rich in antioxidant, anti-aging and regenerating actives. Generally suitable for all skin...
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Smooth Hydration Cream

An easy-to-make, smooth, fluid-textured cream that is particularly moisturising. Pleasant to apply, it absorbs easily...
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Smooth Balance Cream

A moisturising fluid, enriched with active ingredients to balance combination/oily skin and improve skin's appearance.
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Winter cream, combination/oily skin

116 1660
A smooth and pleasant day cream formulated for combination and oily skin, especially suitable for the cold season.
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Winter cream, dry skin

144 1968
A creamy but not very greasy cream, especially suitable for dry skin, with caring, moisturising and protective...
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7 in 1 BB Cream

118 2934
A complex, subtly scented cream, generally suitable for all skin types. It has a light, satiny texture and is...
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Jojoba & Q10 Moisturising Cream for combination/oily skin

163 2095
A light-textured cream formulated with ingredients that support the skin's natural barrier, moisturizing and anti-aging.
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Anti-aging cream, combination, sensitive skin

105 1838
A light day cream with ingredients suitable for sensitive skin care, containing specific active ingredients with...
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Argan & Hyaluron Day Cream 30+

258 1920
A fine day cream with a subtle floral fragrance, suitable for dry or normal skin, optimale over the age of 30....
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Raspberry & Q10 Nourishing Cream, dry skin

116 1660
A rich, creamy, nourishing night cream suitable for dry to very dry or mature skin
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Moisturising cream, sensitive dry skin

141 2007
A light-textured cream suitable for dry skin, including sensitive skin. Contains moisturising, nourishing, repairing...
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Protective and regenerating cream for the cold season

103 1550
A rich cream that protects the skin from dehydration and external factors. It is ideal when skin is exposed for a...
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Self-tanning cream for skin and body

97 1949
A fine cream with a simple formula. Provides a temporary tan without sun exposure.
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Nourishing night cream, mature skin

80 2030
A nourishing, emollient, anti-aging cream rich in ingredients that care for the skin and balance the natural barrier...
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Argan & Blackcurrant Anti-Aging Cream

189 2029
A day cream formulated with moisturising, anti-ageing and emollient ingredients that promote skin firmness and...
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