Fade Scar & Even Complexion Toner

4 2829
If you want a more effective toner for even skin tone and fading acne scars, this recipe may be an inspired choice.
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Ayurvedic Infusion Toner

2 1990
An awakening toner that revives and clears the skin while bringing freshness to the complexion.
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Neat Skin Toner

An invigorating and fresh toner rich in astringent active ingredients is ideal for clear and even skin.
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Purifying & Rebalancing Toner Essence

15 2680
A toner particularly suitable for oily, acne-prone, problematic skin. An ideal recipe to use before your day and/or...
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Ginkgo & HA toner for dry skin

15 2260
A toner enriched with moisturising, anti-ageing, soothing and repairing ingredients, ideal for dry or combination...
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`New skin` toner

15 2071
A toner formulated with ingredients that help revitalise the complexion, improve skin tone, help remove impurities...
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Anti-acne toner

24 2331
Formulated with purifying, anti-microbial, anti-acne, skin-friendly ingredients.
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Anti-aging moisturizing toner, dry/combination skin

29 2131
A toning and moisturising solution with ingredients that combat the signs of ageing, suitable for dry, normal and...
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Purifying toner, acneic skin

65 2247
The recipe combines purifying essential oils, invigorating and decongesting floral waters, moisturising and soothing...
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Rejuvenating toner, combination skin

55 1895
It aims to combat the signs of ageing, reduce wrinkles, improve the appearance of acneic skin with enlarged pores,...
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Rejuvenating toner, dry/normal skin

21 1764
A formula that combines ingredients with anti-ageing action, improves the appearance of wrinkles, enhances skin tone,...
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Ayurvedic rejuvenating, sebum-regulating toner

49 2006
Purifying, sebum-regulating and balancing, it works to relieve enlarged pores, improve hydration levels and the...
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Sensitive Soothing Toner for dry skin

48 1949
After cleansing the complexion, this toner adds ingredients that gently moisturise, reduce inflammation and soothe...
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Sensitive Toner, mixed/oily skin

25 1551
A toner made from ingredients that gently moisturise, soothe irritation and reduce skin inflammation. Particularly...
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Revitalizing Toner & Cleanser

92 1647
A 2-in-1 solution that removes impurities and make-up, tones and gently hydrates the skin. Generally suitable for all...
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